Lavy Enterprises

Auto Lube System
Save Time and Extend Equipment Life


Do you have a lubrication management system in place?

Lubrication systems should reliably and consistently deliver grease to all lubrication points. Our system has been proven to do that better than other systems on the market. The end result brings a high confidence in the system such that, buyers of our systems consider their use as normal as lettering on the vehicle.

The Reliamax system dispenses the right amount of grease to kingpins, steering links, bucket pins, articulation bearings, bell crank bushings, and any other point on your machine that may need lubrication. Better yet, the system does all this while the machine is in motion.

Simple to use, competitively priced, extremely efficient, and virtually maintenance free, you’ll use less grease with precise application and avoid the “feast or famine” intervals common with manual application. Service intervals will be extended and your vehicles will be on the road when they should be, increasing profitability. Downtime is reduced and component life is dramatically increased. You’ll eliminate the possibility of missing lubrication points, with the resultant failed components, equipment downtime, unscheduled overtime, lubricant waste, and lost profits.

Our Installation Technicians treat your equipment as if it were their own. We specialize in the design and installation of automatic lubrication systems on heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, crushers and sweepers. When we install your lubrication system, we take every detail into account; even aesthetics matter. We know proper system design concepts. We take great pride in the integrity of each installation and consider it our unique signature.